Faculty in the Department of Economics are active in research covering broad areas of Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, and Data Analytics. The section on faculty webpages contains detailed description of their areas of specialization, synopsis of research programs, and CVs.

Some of the areas of research our faculty are engaged in include:  

Health Economics and Policy

Topics include: Impact of health IT adoption on hospitals’ financial and quality performance; health interventions and medication adherence; medical devices and recalls; innovation in pharmaceuticals markets; health IT adoption and diffusion among physician clinics; health data analytics; health insurance; health policy related to Medicare and Medicaid; benefit-cost policy evaluation; development health economics.
Faculty: Vivek Ghosal, Jason Huh, Jianjing Lin, and Chad Stecher.


Economics of Innovation, New Technologies, and Productivity

Topics include: Adoption and diffusion of new technologies; evolution of technologies and industry dynamics; disruptive technological change; firms’ R&D and patenting decisions; strategic behavior in technology adoption; network externalities in information technology; internationalization of innovation; evaluation of subsidy programs on the diffusion of new technology; innovation and competition; human capital and innovation; firm and industry productivity; innovation-knowledge stocks accumulation; product and process innovation.
Faculty: Vivek Ghosal, Michael Klein, Jianjing Lin, and Kenneth L. Simons.


Behavioral Economics

Topics include: Behavioral health economics; social network analysis and behavioral economics; physicians’ adherence to treatment guidelines; patients’ medication adherence behavior; psychology of habit formation.
Faculty: Chad Stecher.


Economics of Regulations and Policy

Topics include: Regulatory reform; regulatory assessments; optimum regulatory standards; impact of regulatory mandates on firm strategy; benefit-cost approach to regulations; international comparisons of regulatory standards; healthcare regulations and policy.
Faculty: Vivek Ghosal and Jason Huh.


Law and Economics

Topics include: Antitrust laws and enforcement; environmental laws and enforcement; valuation of financial assets and closely held businesses; forensic economics; copyright law; intellectual property laws and enforcement; healthcare laws.
Faculty: Vivek Ghosal, Michael Klein, and Robert Jones.


Applied Econometric Methods and Data Analytics

Topics include: Structural estimation; cluster computation; time-series analysis; economic and financial forecasting; forecast accuracy; simulation and computational methods; measuring economic uncertainty, quantile regressions; dynamic panel data models; large factor models; modeling and testing for structural breaks; model misspecification; nonparametric and semiparametric methods; spatial analysis; big data analytics.
Faculty: Rui Fan, Jason Huh, Jianjing Lin, Huaming Peng, Kenneth L. Simons, and Chad Stecher.


Industrial Organization

Topics include: Industry shakeouts; industry dynamics; firm entry and exit; product variety and differentiation; mergers and acquisitions; competition, market structure, and market power; antitrust.
Faculty: Vivek Ghosal and Kenneth L. Simons


International Economics

Topics include: Foreign direct investment; organization of multinational firms; dynamics of comparative advantage; technological spillovers; product space connectedness; optimal trade and industrial policy.
Faculty: Michael Klein and Yury Yatsynovich.


Energy Economics

Topics include: Optoelectronics technology and innovation; LED lighting; solar photovoltaics.
Faculty: Kenneth L. Simons


Faculty in the Department of Economics have been awarded research grants and contracts from various organizations such as:

            National Science Foundation

            National Institutes of Health

            U.S. Department of Energy

            Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

            National Academies – Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy

            U.S. Department of Transportation

            Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

            Ragnar Söderberg’s Foundation

            Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

            National Telephone Cooperative Association  


Currently, our faculty are on the editorial boards of the following journals:

Professor Vivek Ghosal: Review of Industrial Organization, Business Strategy and the Environment, and Review of Professional Management.

Professor Ken Simons: International Journal of Technology Marketing.


Some of our faculty research papers and publications can be viewed at (the individual faculty webpages contain details about their papers and publications): 

Vivek Ghosal: 

Jason Huh:

Jianjing Lin:

Huaming Peng:

Kenneth L. Simons:

Chad Stecher:

Yury Yatsynovich:

Rui Fan: 
* Will join the Department of Economics in August 2018

Michael Klein:
* Will join the Department of Economics in August 2018